Planning a Definite Future in a Changing World

Welcome back! A few weeks ago, I started talking about  planning. There is a fantastic book by Peter Thiel called Zero to One that explains how American culture has shifted from believing in an ordained future, to believing in a future in flux. One powerful question he asks is …Is [the future] a matter of chance […]

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To the Flat top it is!

The indoors are killing us. We knew this and had to get outside a bit. The weather is starting to turn here in Colorado and the hiking bug is hitting us both really hard. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that not long after it was officially Spring. By not long I mean that it […]

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How We Met ( His version)

I’ve not been shy about my dating exploits on this site. It has long been something that has become part of what I want to add to this adventure of life. Someone to share the experiences with and help me explore all parts of life. So when I was searching online for someone to talk […]

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How We Met (Her Version)

I met several guys on the online dating site, but there was something missing every time. One thing a computer program can’t do is measure your chemistry with another person. My profile felt more like a resume than a picture of myself. So I signed in, frustrated, and deleted my whole profile and started over. […]

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We’re Back!

The site has been quiet for a while now and there is a good reason for that. This post is to get things back on track and explain a bit about what the future holds for Exploration Life. Gennai: Hi! Josh: Wait a minute what is going on? This isn’t normal! Who are you? G: […]

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What Just Happened?

If you have been following on my journey to New York. Then you have ventured with me through meeting a girl, going to see Wicked, visiting the Empire State Building, and walking through Central Park. Through all of that I have talked about the girl or the lady. Never naming her, and will continue that […]

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A Bit of Romance in the Park

So yes going to New York was a very spur of the moment thing that was not an entirely logic based decision. So much of it was based on heart and I don’t regret that at all. It was the right and best decision that I could and have made. So knowing that my time […]

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I’m a Modern King Kong

As darkness and a light rain fell over the city I walked through Times Square with the Lady back to the hotel after seeing Wicked. We should have been better prepared and taken our coats the first time. Not a big deal though as we still made it back after a short walk. It wasn’t until […]

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